The Seiko 5 list of watches is long, including watches from a number of genres (dive, dress, military) with varying dial colors, case finishes and strap choices for each model and style. What you may be wondering is “Why is it called a Seiko 5?” That’s because the Seiko 5 name signifies five key components of any Seiko 5 watch. These components are as follows;

  1. Automatic mechanical movement
  2. Day/Date display
  3. Water resistance
  4. Diaflex mainspring (commonly referred to as “unbreakable”)
  5. Diashock shock resistant design

It is pretty rare that these are the standards for a line of mechanical watches that are priced starting around $99. Add to this that Seiko is a brand with roots dating back to the late 1800’s, which maintains the same quality as many Swiss brands. The value of a Seiko 5 is much greater than its price tag may suggest and proves that more money doesn’t always buy a better watch

This is where the Seiko 5 SNXS73 steps into the spotlight. Measuring a 38mm in diameter, the SNSX is a great Seiko 5 pick for someone in the market for an affordable dress watch. It is available at an astounding price of les then $99 with metal bracelet.

Clean Simple Dial

The analog dial uses a very humble silver-on-white design: simple index-style hour markers(without Arabic numbers), unassuming hand design, and a straightforward date display. Instead of flashy design elements, the appeal of this dial lies in the flawless execution of each component, matching the quality of much more expensive watches. The dial is recessed several millimeters from the Hardlex crystal, creating a real sense of depth on this watch.

Also imprinted on the bracelet clasp, the Seiko 5 crest is displayed under the brand name, which sits below the 12 o’clock marker. Hours and minutes are tracked by simple silver-finished hands with an index-style design. The plainly styled second hand’s main draw is its smooth movement, discussed further down. Lumi Brite has been applied to the minute and hour hands and tips of the hour markers so this watch is still functional in dark or dimly lit places.

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The stainless-steel case measures 37 millimeters wide, with 18-millimeter lugs. The steeply angled bezel, combined with that even more steeply angled chapter ring is probably my favorite design element on the SNSX.

The exhibition back reveals the automatic movement, with some black text detailing various features of the watch printed around the edge of the crystal. The small crown sits 4 o’clock, recessed into the case in the Seiko 5 tradition.

Seiko SNXS73 7S26 caliber movement

Straps and Wearability

The SNXS73 we tested came with a stainless steel bracelet. It features a signed deployment clasp, and we found resizing the bracelet was easy. 

As you may imagine, the SNSX also looks great on a leather strap. The Classic styling of the watch pairs perfectly with the good looks of leather, we have pictured it here with a brown strap, but it does look fantastic on other colors as well.

Seiko 5 brown leather strap

Wanna go for an informal occasion?

Then go with a Nato strap. The classic styling of the watch pairs perfectly with the rugged good looks of a nylon NATO, we have pictured it here with a black NATO, but it does look fantastic on other colors as well. And with either the bracelet or a NATO, the SNSX is quite comfortable to wear, making it an ideal watch for daily use.

Movement and accuracy

For accuracy; I have several of the Seiko automatic watches. I must tell the truth, it’s quite satisfying about accuracy. Seiko SNXS73 used Caliber 7S26; 21 jewels, which is designed and manufactured by Seiko itself. We used the watch for 1 month and wore it every day. The watch gained +- 10 minutes. This is very accurate and proves the accuracy that Seiko promises with this movement.

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Maybe good to know, the 7S26 is really cheap to maintain. You don’t have to service this watch every few years. And when you have to, it won’t cost you much because of the simple but well build design.


There is a lot to like about the Seiko 5 SNSX, from its spot on dress watch styling to its trusty, and full-featured Seiko automatic movement. Further, I found that the versatile styling of the SNSX made it ideal for daily wear. The SNSX seems like an obvious addition to any watch nerd’s collection, or the perfect starter mechanical for a young collector. It is also important to keep in mind however that the Seiko 5 line is held up to higher standards for excellence than most other watches in its price range, and comes from a company with horological roots dating back the late 1800’s. So whether you’re a long time collector or new to the world of watches, appreciate the Seiko 5 for all that it has to offer and all that it stands for.

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