Lumibrite is a development in Seiko’s glowing paint that is brighter, lasts longer and is completely free of radioactive substances.

In the past, radioactive materials were used in all luminous paints to express the luminous effect.
Following developments in this technology, these substances have been replaced by illuminating paint types that light up in the dark and release the previously captured light energy. This was a major advance because these illuminating paints were completely free of radioactive substances and were therefore not harmful to humans or the environment. Unfortunately, the paint appeared to retain its illuminating function for only a short time.

Lumibrite is a vastly improved type of paint that quickly absorbs more light from its environment and gives more and longer light in the dark. Lumibrite, as its name implies, first gives bright light in the dark and will gradually fade. It is completely free of radioactive material, making it safe for people and the environment. It is the ideal combination of the properties of radioactive paint and ordinary glowing paint types.

Properties of Lume Brites:

1. Longer duration of lighting up

The light is brightest, after a short exposure to sunlight or artificial light (more than 500lux), for about 10 minutes. The light then lasts for about 3-5 hours in the dark, which is even up to 10 times longer than normal glowing paints.

2. Stronger light intensity

The intensity of lighting up in the dark after the paint has been “charged” is much higher than normal illuminating paints or radioactive paints.

3. Safe for people and the environment

It is completely free of radioactive substances. It is completely safe for people and the environment. Because there are no restrictions on its use, it is even possible to provide a complete dial with this.

4. Semi-permanent service life

Because it is made of a non-organic substance, the function is guaranteed for a longer period of time, so that it has a semi-permanent lifespan.

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